How this goes further

As Ryan had important family matters (wish you the best Ryan), the story was left open. The other players agreed with following that happened:

Both Minos and Jürgen are in a coma through the magic of Mariana. The gladiator of Brigistopolis is desperately searching for a way to bring the former champion back to health. Andreas does his very best to assist him and in mean time tries to figure out his feelings for Adelina.

Leticia decides to risk leaving her beloved husband to make the journey to see if she is able to help her husband recover again. For that she has to travel to Elbria; the home of witches, wizzards and herbal healers. She has no idea what will await her in Elbria. An ex fiancé in the same strange coma as her husband is just one of them.

We have jumped two weeks forward from the last time we all posted.

Have fun again!

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