An old friend

She looked over her shoulder one more time, to the large palace of Phinos of Dragonija. The place where she had lived last weeks, she had called her home. Now her husband her wasn't the same, she had to go away of there. With a sigh she pushed her heels in the flanks of her horse and made clicking sounds with her tongue to let her horse trot.

Her father and mother had stayed behind in Dragonija to take care of Fenris who had been send to jail for his attempt to murder the crown prince. She knew he only tried to save his little sister and also the king knew, but in the case his son died, he was the one responsible for Minos' dead. Rodrigo had asked his daughter to go back to Shariziƫ, where she was safe for sure.

The son of the Sharizian king, Lasse-Gustav, a close friend of her, accompanied her on her travel back home. He stood next to her in total silence. "We need to go," he suddenly said and looked over to his best friend. Leticia gave him a sad smile, then nodded and followed him into the woods. It would be a long journey. While riding, she thought back of the last moments with her husband.

She remembered how she slid her fingers over his chest for the last time in what maybe could be a long time. She bend forward, pressing a soft kiss against his lips. "I love you, my husband," she whispered and felt the tears in her eyes again. Also when weeks have passed since the strange events, she couldn't stop crying whenever she saw Minos. He seemed lifeless, but the doctors kept saying he was alive, and that he would wake up again. She hoped so, but didn't believe them.
For a last time Leticia looked over her shoulder to her husband who laid on the bed. It was almost morning and she had only a few more minutes left alone with him before the doctors would come back to take a look at him. "I will find a way to get us back together," she whispered in his ear, letting her hand slide over his hair, "I love you." She had pulled her blue cloak over her head and went out of the room, hearing the doctors approach.

Her horse was already saddled and she rode to the large city gates, where her friend would be waiting for her. He hadn't said anything as he steered his horse through the gates. She had no idea of what was the best to do now, she hoped Lasse would know what to do. He alway did.

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