Tim gave a sigh while looking over to the Elbrian Champion. "You are right," he said, nervously playing with his dagger. Balancing it on the palm of his hand. "Vespasianus has send me to fetch Jürgen and bring him back home," he chuckled, "I think he will be really mad with me when I bring back the body of Jürgen, without his spirit." He sighed, leaning against the wall. "I have to go and take a look at him, take care," he said, turning back to Andreas and Adelina. Smiling he made his way back into the dark hallways, silently moving between the walking gladiators.

When arriving at Jürgen's cell, he stood for a moment quiet, listening if someone was there, then pushed open the wooden door, a little window with bars at the top. It still smelled at the awful drink Mariana had given the former Brigistopolis Champion. With a sigh he sat down at his bed, taking the piece of cloth and dipping it in the water of the bowl standing beside the bed. While dabbing the forehead of the gladiator to let him cool down, he thought about what step to take next. He surely would have to give his master news quickly. It was the best when their master wouldn't know anything at all about what happened between Jürgen and the witch.

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