way to Elbria

Vasir walked through the catacombes of the Gladiator school in Brigistopolis. Since the champion and the second in line had gone, the other gladiators were restless. He felt the dissatisfaction growing between them. He had almost lived all his life in the Arena. During the years he had grown to one of the closest confidants of Vespasianus, giving him advice when he wanted to buy a new gladiator. After years and long hours spent in the arena, he could see immediately the worth of a man. Just as he had seen what Tim would become when he was just a young men just entering the arena. Vespasianus had had his doubts as the man already was nineteen years old when he came to the brotherhood. But the young man had proved his worth after a few years and Vasir was glad the man turned out to be the next champion.

Now he was standing in the chambers of his master, his hands on his back and listening to the instructions of the retired general. "Dominus," he said, bowing and taking a step closer to the table, "I think you should send someone after the girl as it seems she is everything Roelandts will fight for. As he can't have her, he soon will stop fighting. Your promise he could be with her was what kept him going." Vespasianus seemed to think about what his adviser just said, then he slowly nodded. "I will first see to him that he will heal properly. After that, I will try to come in contact with the crown prince. Maybe there is something that can be done. I think you should travel to Elbria and see if both my boys are doing well." Vasir nodded, bowing. "Dominus," he said before walking out of the room.

He made his ways to the stables, thinking about what his master just said. He was afraid only talking with the crown prince wouldn't change anything about the situation. Surely not when he was the Fire Gladiator. Still he had to process this news. And when they would fight again over the girl, he shook his head. The Fire Gladiator already had once defeated the former Brigistopolis Champion. And when Roelandts couldn't do it, then Tim also not as the younger gladiator still lacked experience. He should have a talk with Tim and Jurgen. But first the hours long travel to Elbria. He swung his body in the saddle, pushing his heels in the flanks of his horse.

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