You have to return to Him

Lasse looked over to his best friend, a small smile around his lips. He loved to see her back. Something had changed in her, she always had been a little shy even around him also when they knew each other for years now. Now she seemed more confident, less shy.

"I'm happy to see you again, Letty," he said with a smile, "also when I wish it had been under other circumstances." The Sharizian young woman only smiled at him, then turned her head again to play with the manes of her horse. In some way it disturbed Lasse that she didn't seem to want to talk with him. After two hours of riding, he sent his horse off the path, to a little ven to let the horses drink. With a swift move he jumped out of the saddle, then walked over to Leticia's horse, taking over the bridle from her and with his other arm lifting her out of the saddle and placing her on the ground. She gave a little scream, then pulled his hair as she always used to do to annoy him. He smiled, holding her for a few more seconds. She turned into the shy girl again and lowered her eyes, then pulled back as soon as he let go of her. They filled their water bags at the ven and sat down next to each other while the horses drank and refilled their energy by eating some grass.

"I barely have spoken to you since someone burned Jurgens house down. I wanted to search for you, to know you were safe, but you were gone just like your parents. It was only after the games I heard you were at the home of your husband. And then you married him," he was quiet for some time, feeling her eyes upon him. Then he looked back to her, smiling. "I'm sorry I haven't written you, but last weeks were so unexpected, unrealistic and went by so quickly," she answered softly and he smiled, brushing away the hair out of her face. "You don't have to apologize, Letty. I should be a bad friend when I would be mad at you for marrying the love of your life," he frowned lightly as he looked away. "You know the Sharizian laws, don't you?" She paled and Lasse took her hands in his. "I've come at the request of your father. As you know you don't have a Sharizian husband and now something has happened with him, you need to return to the man you were given to earlier. You have to return to Roelandts. The laws are clear."

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