Brigistopolis; not your fault

Amarixius was shocked when he saw Lorraine brought in wounded. “No, Lorraine, what happened?” He rushed towards the young woman when she was brought to the courtyard. He dropped next to her and took her head in his lap. “I should have gone wit you,” he whispered. He looked up when Minos arrived after hearing from the attack on one of his maidens. He took a step aside when the doctors arrived.

“Minos, I should have gone with her,” he never could forgive himself he had let her walk alone. It was always dangerous for a woman to go alone and he should have known the enraged gladiator wouldn’t let a moment go by for taking revenge for the blame he believed Minos had given him. He gritted his teeth. “It is none of your doing Minos. You always take care of your household very well. It is not your fault you had not expect him to attack one of your maidens. And you certainly did not do this to Lorraine, it was Jurgen. You must defeat him Minos and you will. I’m sure of that,” he looked one more time over to Lorraine before she was brought into the house to rest.

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