Brigistopolis; talk with father de Pessoa

She was happy to see her family again. To be with them. She sat in front of the maiden from her father, who braided her hair. Her hair was long and it was often braided in various difficult hair cuts. Sometimes it took several hours until the hairdressers were done. To let time go by faster, she learned different languages. She had always had an interest in learning and she was happy her father agreed to pay lessons for her. In her fathers opinion, his daughter had to be well educated so she could care for herself when she had to.

When her father entered the room, she got up end went to him to gave him a hug. Rodrigo de Pessoa was a man who cared for his family very well. For his daughter as much as for his only son, who was a soldier in the army of the Sharizien king.
"I'm sorry my darling, I should have listened to you and your mother," he gave her a kiss on top of her head when she started to sob against his shoulder. "Father, I don't want to marry him after all he has done," she knew her father didn't like to break his word. Especially not to the former champion who was well known for his hot headed behaviour.

"I can only thank the prince of Dragonija, who saved me from him," she felt how a blush came to her cheeks and she quickly looked down at her folded hands, "Father, it is up to you who I marry, but please consider Jurgen of Roelandts one more time. I'm sure there must be a way to annul the marriage without enraging him."
This was a question of honor. Every infringement to his honor would enrage the former champion.
"It is not that easy, my beloved daughter," Rodrigo found himself in a splits. After he had heard what his future son-in-law had done, he didn't want any longer to give his daughter to this man, but when he broke the engagement, he could be sure Jurgen would mobilize the entire arena and the others in the kingdom as well. The gladiators were dangerous and Rodrigo didn't want to face them when they were enraged. Even the king prefered to treat them as friends rather than enemies.
"I think it is best when we will have a conversation with the crown prince," her father nodded to his daughter, "I will go and see him now, to ask when a conversation will suite him."

After the talk with her father, she shyly followed her father out of their rooms to search for Minos. When they had finally found him in the courtyard, she saw how princess Nyra stood next to him. Afraid to interfere, she turned around and wanted to make her way back to her room, but her father stopped her. At a respectful distance they waited for the prince.

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