Brigistopolis: An oath not easy broken

The king could have died right there. The king of Sharizie Caletanie was as nearly as surprised, knowing full well who had just spoken. Then it dawned on the king of Sharizie Caletanie what an opportunity this was. The same thoughts poured through the king of Dragonija's mind though of an entirely different flavor. Where Sharizie Caletanie saw opportunity, Dragonija saw fear.

The two kingdoms had held an uneasy truce for generations, in fear an attack by one would bring a reprisal from the other two. But now, if the heir was to be defeated, the dishonor alone would be sufficient to grant the victor a higher station amongst the three. If he were to die, the king then without an heir and not young enough to sire one and see him to adulthood, would lead to internal chaos in Dragonija and bring about it's own downfall.

"I... we... tradition...," the king of Dragonija could only sputter.

The king of Sharizie Caletanie had to do all he could to contain the immense grin and glee he felt inside. He leaned over to Tim and whispered, "Not that Jurgen needs it, but please go remind him of EVERYTHING at stake here, and with a success like this comes more rewards than he can imagine but with defeat... well, let's leave that up to his imagination."

The king of Dragonija knew it was pointless to resist. He squared his shoulders, banged his staff and the arena fell silent. "I... I accept your pledge." Then he turned at once and locked himself in his chambers and would not see anyone until the next day and the tournament was to begin.

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