Brigistopolis: Last Supper?

(Feel free to add in anything for the day or so from Leticia and Amarixius)

It was the evening before the big match. Minos knew there was little chance his household would be able to keep the news a secret, so he'd made no attempt to hide it. He'd prepared the sort of meal customary for guests, while not lavish, not overly common. He came to dinner dressed nicely, but not in a way that would draw any special attention to himself.

He'd called everyone to an early dinner, so they had the time to enjoy the meal and conversations before bed. He planned on sleeping well that night - he didn't want anything weakening his abilities for the next day. He used all his faculties and came to dinner with a smile on his face.

"My dear friends and family," he hailed after everyone had their place at the table and cup in hand, "thank you so much for dining with me this evening. It is a blessing and an honor to know each and every one of you. Each in their own way has filled my cup to overflowing and I'd not be the man I am today if it weren't for each of you. To my friends and family!" And he took a drink and sat.

Much out of custom, he'd insisted both Gisella and Lorraine join them at the table this evening. Lorraine was intentionally placed next to Amarixius and Gisella next to Minos. He wouldn't allow a seat to be placed at either end of the table - there would be no 'head' or 'foot' at his table - and while servants were needed to prepare and serve the evenings meal, they'd dine on all the same delights as the guests this night.

He'd left specific instructions with Gisella and all the appropriate documents necessary... should he perish tomorrow, all the servants of his house were to be granted their freedom and given a hefty sum of coin on their departure. Gisella would receive his villa on the sea, forgoing returning to the home she left 50 years prior, feeling more Dragonijan at heart than anywhere else.

After dropping a few items to his plate from communal bowls at the table and eating a piece of fruit, he spoke first to Master Pessoa, "Kind sir, I have some news a confidant of mine shared with me... it seems the shipment of fine fabrics set to arrive in a few days time has mysteriously doubled in the contents it bares. You should see a handsome return on your investment. And, you there," he called to a hooded man in the corner, "take off that hood and join us at the table!"

The man did as ordered and a smile wider than the sea spread across his face. Pessoa the Younger, only son of and brother to Leticia was there...

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