OOC - Things are tough all over...

Warning: Your heroes may face; Dangerous hazards, Nasty traps, Deadly monsters, and Evil foes with no moral restraint.

The following are my preferences and not absolute exclusions.
I am asking that those who wish to join please be;
1. Adults - as some adult content may be encountered/witnessed.
2. English primary language.
3. No Snowflakes- if you are sensitive and fragile... please do not join this game.
4. No SJW- if you feel that the term "Microagression" is anything other than a convenient weapon for the two-faced to attack others; I have no interest in hearing from you.

Why No SJW? The world of Golarion is fantasy adventure; rife with swords and sorcery, and the writers want us to look at a world: not as we would like it to be, but as one full of evils that must be fought.

Debasement- Reducing another's potential and worth, to a commodity for consumption. Such as slavery, prostitution, child abuse, and more can be encountered. Villains may say some vile things in support of the above (*So that you may discover who the bad guys are*).
Yet this may be the least of the upsetting; violence, plot trappings and Scene dressing that can be encountered. Bigotry, and persecution are realities in this setting.

If any of the above, to include depictions of Scantily clad-Straight-White,-Athletic-Woman with cleavage will "Trigger" you into attacking me, other players, or trying to ban me from the site. Please do not join.