Image of Voldon

Summary: A Dark God


Gender: Male

Age: 30,00

Group: Gods

God/Goddess of

God of War, Pestilence, Bloodshed and Death


Chaotic Evil

Divine Symbol

A rotting skull impaled by a demonic black knife with two crow wings coming out of it

Mortal Life

Voldon was a cruel and evil man who worshipped the last god. He lead a life of war, murder and caused many plagues with his experiments. He was punished for his crimes by being hung, of course instead of being punished for all eternity, the pervious god passed his mantle to Voldon, who gladly accepted it. Voldon now is feared for his chaotic and cruel acts.

Physical Appearance

In his human form he is a tall man with sunken eyes and covered in muscles. He goes in othe forms that are handsome, but most are at the height of 6'5

In his godly form he is orc like beast with long white hair and wears blacken armour, and usually towers over his human self at 8'11

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Image of Voldon
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