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Summary: Twiddlee Dee Twiddlee Dee I Shall Play A Trick On Thee

Malloy Mixlplxt

Gender: Male

Age: 500

Group: Gods

God/Goddess of

Mischief Trickery Merriment and Debauchery


Chaotic Neutral

Divine Symbol

A gold bag of tricks on a black banner with brown trim

Mortal Life

Malloy is a half gnome half goblin who has always been a loner. His whole life he was mocked and kicked around. When he bacame a full adult he became. a wanderer where he traveled around learning about toy making. When Malloy was around 200 years old he was asked by the God Alzeral the former god of triclery to gp om a quest to recover a item stolen. When he completed thw quest and was gifted the sack and was told Alzeral that when the time came he wanted Malloy to be his successor and told him to wander the world and spread miscbief and merriment. Three Hundred years later Alzeral was dying like all the gods eventually do. He teleported Malloy to his plane where he bestowed hos powers to Malloy

Physical Appearance

Malloy is a short squat fellow with grey skin. He has ruddy cheeks and nose. Ihe has red eyes. He wears a brown cloak with a hood. As the god of mischief he can make himself look like just about any mortal or immortal being of humanoid shape.

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Image of Malloy Mixlplxt
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