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Summary: In my defense, I am very, very new to all this....godly stuff

Gavri Ex Astria

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Gender: Female

Age: 22

Group: Gods

God/Goddess of

Gavri is the patron goddess of heroes, warriors, victory, and martial prowess.


Chaotic Good

Divine Symbol

Gavri's symbol is two crossed gladi in the center of a laurel wreath. Her sacred animals are falcons and stags.

Mortal Life

Gavri was born to a mortal mother and a God of the sea. Naturally, being a demigod, she encountered many battles and struggles in her life. She was orphaned (at least on the mortal side) by war when she was 7, and after that had to fend mostly for herself.

When she was 15, Gavri began working small jobs as a mercenary. She worked her way up the ranks and eventually became a very sought after hire. Unfortunately, notoriety as a mercenary comes with a price; in this case, a price on her head from a man she took a job against. Gavri lost her life when she was 22, in the midst of fighting off several other mercenaries who were after the immense amount of gold on her head.

When she died, Gavri was shocked to find herself face to face with Fortius Ex Astria, the God of Heroes, Warriors, Victory, and Martial Prowess. Fortius explained that he had been watching her for years now, seeing her train and fight. He had picked Gavri as a successor, wishing to fade and move on, for he was old and tired. Gavri accepted the position, and took on Fortius' appellate, 'Ex Astria', in honor of him. Thus began her first year as a deity.

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'9

Eyes: Gold

Hair: Long and dark, usually braided

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Image of Gavri Ex Astria
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