Unanswered Prayers

Malloy Voldon and Gravi appear at Malloy's feasting hall. Felonious is waiting by the door. "Master I'm glad Your back,"he says "the orb keeps glowing."

"Did you clear the hall as I have asked Felonious," Malloy asks. "Yes master everyone has gone but a few remained they wanted to thank you properly for hosting." Malloy goes into the hall and several moments later a snall group come out. "Well what are you standing around for," Malloy says "come Inside." Inside on the front stage a orb is sitting on a pedestal. Lets see he says. He waves his hands and you can hear the prayers of several people. They apparently are being harassed by bandits have come to a village and are charging the villagers if they can't pay they are killed. "Well what is a God of trickery to do i guess i gotta help them." As he places the orb back in its spot it dissapears. A stranger also appears. "Well who might you be Malloy Asks."


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