Inquiring Minds

When all the bandits were fully transformed Malloy pops up on the hill where the other three are sitting. "Trouble doesn't come very often but then again it is well known that I am not to be trifled with," he gloated. "I established myself very well the last time I was granted godhood. I am very old. So old in fact I don't even know my own exact age." I have been giving just desserts to mortals for a very long time."

Dylan nodded as he listened to Malloy. He didn't want to come off as impolite.

Dylan: I see. I have only been at it for around three centuries. I use labyrinths to punish the wicked in my hometown. I set up a large crystal ball so the locals could watch the bandits endure the maze of traps. Then we bet on how long the villains last for entertainment. Sometimes we turn it into a drinking game when one of them dies or says a common line. but I must say I am curious to use a similar transformation spell in the labyrinths as well. I think it would add to the betting pool. So other than punishing bandits do we do anything else? Cause I was curious about how the whole religion part worked.


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