"Well Malloy says the way it works is like this we just kinda maintain the order of this world." "The mortals pray to us, and leave a offerings at a shrine or temple to us, and we try our best to answer their prayers."
"Their admiration is what keeps our powers going. " "Eventually after a while in several centuries our powers will begin to falter and we must pass the godhood onto a mortal who is most worthy and dedicated."
"That's pretty much it in a nutshell ," Malloy says. "Voldon and I have been charged with teaching Young master Gavri here the ropes much to Voldons chagrin"

Dylan nodded as he gave a polite bow to Malloy, Gravi and Volden.

Dylan: I thank you for your time and look forward to our next encounter. So without further ado I shall do a bit of exploring on my own.

After saying goodbye, Dylan vanished from their sight and appeared in the Kingdom's Market Square. He decided to look around and see the sites first hand. As he walked a round he bought several sample snacks to try out. This served two purposes which were discovering new foods and deciding which ones he would share with his believers. When he wasn't stuffing his face he was either charming the ladies or entertaining the children.

Dylan found the market quite entertaining as he traveled about it. He introduced a few kids games to the children before he left the city and traveled around to seek out the nearby villages.


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