Entertaining The Masses

Dylan found the market quite entertaining as he traveled about it. He introduced a few kids games to the children before he left the city and traveled around to seek out the nearby villages.

Backcwt the hill Malloy Voldon and Gavri are having a little chat. "Well fellas I'm beat he says I think I deserve a nap" he wave his hand and puts his hand on Gavri shoulder "Come along young master Gavri" Malloys say "Your training will start after my nap" they disappear into a puff of smoke an Voldon waljs over to the tree and picks a apple he stops for a minute and looks around "I could swear there is someone else here" he takes a bite and phases out as well back to his black fortress" unknown to them they were being watched. But by whom

Dylan eventually found his way into a tavern where the locals were drinking pints and talking about their jobs, problems, achievements and just plain bragging. It was boring for poor Dylan to watch. Apparently they didn't have any gaming systems in the area so he decided to get things started. Using his powers he summoned a dartboard and a few sets of darts before he began to play by himself. After a while he began to get the attention of the patrons and showed them how to play. He explained the various types of dart games they could play and posted the rules for all to see and read.

Dartboard Rules:
The equipment needed to play darts is as follows:
A good dartboard
A set of three darts, either soft-tipped or steel-tipped.
A safe, well lit place to play.
The standard international dartboard is known as the "clock" board. It is 18 inches in diameter and has 20 numbered, pie-shaped segments of equal size, plus the bull's-eye.

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Number of Players: Two individual players or two teams.
Numbers in Play: 20,19,18,17,16,15, and bull's-eye.
The objective shall be to 'own'/'close' certain numbers on the board, and to achieve the highest point score. The player/team to do so first, shall be the winner.
Each player/team shall take turns throwing. (Three darts in succession shall constitute a 'turn'/'Inning'.)
To close an inning, the player/team must score three of a number. This can be accomplished with three singles, a single and a double, or a triple.

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Number of Players: Any number of players may play, but normally two individuals or two teams play.
Numbers in Play: All the numbers are in play, but some receive greater use than others. The 19 and 20, for instance are used extensively for scoring points since they are the highest numbers on the board. All the numbers may be used to throw the necessary doubles in the game.
This game is generally played by two people but can be played by teams. Each player starts with 301 points. The goal for each player is to reach zero, excatly, by subtracting the amount they score in a turn from the amount they had left from the previous turn.

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Number of Players: Any number can play, but it is unusual to have only two players or two teams (like the game of baseball itself)
Numbers in Play: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 , 7, 8, 9
Rules of Play: This game is similar to the actual game of baseball. Players try to score as many points as possible per inning in order to win.

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Number of Players: Any number can play, but Killer is most fun with three or more players.
Numbers in Play: The numbers used are determined by the players. Each player throws one dart with the "opposite" hand. (e.g., right-handers throw left-handed) to determine randomly his or her own number. If a player misses the board or hits a number already taken, he or she throws again.
Rules of the Game: Each player first tries to hit the double of his or her own number. When this is achieved, the player is known as a "killer" and a K is placed after his name on the scoreboard.

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Number of Players: Any number can play, it is sometimes played with a dozen or more players.
Numbers in Play: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Rules of Play: Players take turns throwing at the numbers 1, 2, and so on, in sequence, until 7. They try to score as many points as possible per turn (using all three darts).

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Number of Players: Any number can play
Numbers in Play: All the numbers on the board are used, but players generally concentrate on the 19 or 20.
Rules of Play: After determining the order of the play, the first player attempts to get the highest score possible and notes it on the scoreboard.

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Number of Players: Any number can play
Numbers in Play: All the numbers on the board are used, but the score of every three-dart turn must be divisible by 5, so the commonly aimed-for numbers are those divisible by five: 20, 15, 10, 5.

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(Also called "Round the Board" or "Once Round the Island.")
Number of Players: Two players
Darts: Three each
Rules of Play: The object of this popular game is to be the first player to hit every number on the board from 1-20. Any part of the number - single, double or triple - counts.

>>>More About Round the World
Number of Players: Two players or two teams
Numbers in Play: All numbers are used but since each score must exceed 40 the higher numbers especially 20 are the favorites.
Rules of Play: One player becomes the batter, and the other is the bowler; the batter goes first. Ten stripes are entered on the board as wickets.

Seeing the various ways to play darts the patrons quickly took to the game and asked for a few more dartboards from Dylan. Being the extravagant deity he was, Dylan did not disappoint them as he even provided an Abacus with each board to keep track of the scores. Dylan then planted the suggestion to the patrons that when they got better at Darts they could hold a few tournaments. The patrons agreed as Dylan continued to drink his fill with the locals before departing for the day.


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