Unexpected Guest

As Malloys train Gavri and Dylan explores and Go?don os trying to get drunk. The elder meditates in his misty realm until he senses that he has unexpected and unwelcome guests. "Who has entered my domain," he asks. Aww don't tell me you have forgotten about us a gurgling voice says. "You I know that voice but I is impossible," the elder says. "You are supposed to be locked away odor eternity." Aww you do remember us the sickly woman appears from the
mist. "Contagia how did you get out of your prison" The Elder asks. "Never you mind that." Another voice says. Another figure steps out of the mist. "Doom you four are not supposed to be running free in the world." Doom reaches up and touches The Elder's face. "Your treachery will not go unpunished" Doom says. The Elder begins to Skeletonize Help me He calls out The Four have escaped and they're trying to kill me. As he Cry's out all of the Gods hear it it at once.

Dylan stops what he is doing as he hears a plea in his mind. He looks around to make sure no one else heard it before he stands up. Then he tips his hat to the others around him and smiles as he speaks.

Dylan: Sorry but duty calls.

Then he turns to smoke and vanishes. He appears in a room he me Volden at but no one is there then he hears the cry of the Elder in the room next door. Hoping to create a distraction he opens a portal to let a good 10,000 slimes roll into the room to protects the Elder. Figuring the Edler was in trouble since he sent out his plea for help, Dylan figured it had to be bad. Now normally a slime was a weak monster but 10,000 of them were a royal pain and made great for a distraction. So using his mind's eye to see through the eyes of the slimes. He saw four villains of sorts attacking the Elder. Dylan had 9,000 slimes smother and attack the four villains while the other 1,000 slimes smothered the Elder and rolled him out of the room to Dylan. Then Dylan had the slimes free the Elder so he could speak to him.

Dylan: What's going on? Who are those four?


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