Unexpected guest pt3

Voldon Malloy and Gavri appear through the mist. Voldon and Gavri have weapons drawn and Malloy's hands as re on fire. "What is going on," Voldon booms. Master where are the attackers," Malloy's asks the Elder. A echoed voice replies I have been saved by your newest brother Dylan." They are not going to be very forgiving and they are not so easily returned." The voice says.

"The four who who attacked me are former gods who are of the purest evil. So evil in fact they have been locked away since before mortals walked this earth the four gods of destructions. Contagia is living plague one cough from her could wipe out half of mortal existence. Drought is a blight on life his touch can wither a entire forest drastically damaging nature's balance. Strife is a powerful influencer a word from him can turn brothers
and friends into foe and bring cities to the brink of civil war on a whim. Finally there is Doom. Doom is death incarnate with a stare he can pull your soul from your body and send it to the underworld or totally obliterate it.

They must be stopped but you must exercise extreme caution they are extremely powerful and their powers can and will be used on you. And since you were once mortal there's no telling how it will effect you

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