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Summary: If I can create just one peace that makes you feel something that will be enough for me in life.

Collins Royce

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Gender: female

Age: 21

Group: Student




Fine arts

Physical Appearance

Green eyes
Slim athletic build
Light freckles

Personality and interests

sweet,strong willed. Kind of quiet and standoffish till you get to know her then she is wild and carefree and adventurous.


She grew up on the edge of Honfler, a small fishing town in northern france. She found her love for art at a young age and always knew that's what she wanted to do in life. She has been saving up to go to a good art college since freshman year working at her dads tackle and bait store as well as lots of babysitting odd jobs and saving every bit of birthday and holiday money given to her.

Favourite Sayings

" all you know is not all there is"

" good things come to those who work for it"

" everything is art if you look at it right"

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Image of Collins Royce
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