love to shop

Leyarda squeaked for joy. She loved nothing more then shopping. "Of course you can go with us, I know some good warehouses here," she said enthusiastic and emptied her glass of apple juice. "Can we go now?" she asked, cocking her head. Mostly when she went shopping she only looked at the clothes, to look what Paris all had and she would remember the store and head to another. Almost never she went to a store and bought a piece of clothing immediately. First she had to consider if it did fit her and therefore shopping sessions with her could take hours and hours, sometimes she would run just before closing time to the first shop they had visit that day, because it had the best dress see had seen that day. Most of her money she spent on clothing, she cared very much how she looked like, always dressed with care, with a certain elegance. When she met new people they mostly didn't expect her to study archeology because of how she dressed, as if people who were digging couldn't be classy.
She couldn't wait any longer and she jumped of her chair, taking her handbag. "Are you coming with me, girls?" she asked, putting on her leather jacket.

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