Slawo sighed, sliding his hand through his hair. He hated shopping, always ordering everything he needed online. Shopping with Leyarda could take ages, but he hadn't anything better to do now and he liked to stay close to Collins, so he sighed, then nodded and took her hand. Another day off endless shopping he might survive. He shook his head and laughed when seeing how excited Leyarda was, she looked like a child on Christmas eve.

"I'll go with you this time. Hope I survive this time," he said jokingly while they headed outside. "You have to know one thing about Leyarda's shopping Collins. When she once has started, she won't stop until she had dragged you down half of the city," he said with a grin. When looking to the girls he thought this time shopping maybe could turn into a day he would enjoy. Smiling he threw his jacket over his shoulder, enjoying the warm sun shining down on them. He glanced over to Collins, her red hair seemed to glow in the sunlight. Beautiful. A small sigh rolled over his lips and he brought her hand to his lips, lightly brushing his lips against her knuckles. "Merci, mon amour," he whispered.

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