I Might Be A Little Late

"Yeah, we were just going for a little shopping trip. Well, the girls, I think I have to serve as the carrier of their shopping bags. I heard something about the same class, so you also do something with art?"

"Well, I am taking a couple art classes to add to my Theater major. It's good for set building and stuff." Prue watched as he kissed Collins hand and wrist. It reminded her of Mace. She remembered he wanted to see her this afternoon.

"Um if it's ok with the others I'm sure you could join us."

Prue thought for a moment, wondering if Mace would be fine with her being a little late. She decided he probably wouldnt mind. "Yea. I would like that." She shot a quick text to Mace that read 'Hey. Going shopping with some friends, so I might be a little late.'

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