Where to Start

"Hello, I'm Leyarda, nice to meet you. I know the best places in whole Paris to shop for nice clothes. Come, let's go."

Prudence smiled, excited to get out of her little bubble. She usually wasn't very good a socializing, and most people didn't notice her very much, yet here she was with a group. "I actually have not been shopping in Paris yet. I am really excited to see these shops." She followed Leyarda onto the bus.

"Well, think we have everything here. Where are we going to start?"

Prudence was amazed when she stepped off the bus. She had never seen so many beautiful shops in one place. Malls near where she lived in America could not compare to this beauty. "Wow," she uttered breathlessly. She had no idea where to start and decided she would follow Leyarda's lead, since she seemed to know where they should be shopping.

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