Maybe not that bad

The minute he set foot in the store he felt the same as always. Kind of dizzy and high. He didn't know what chemical was in the air, but he always wondered how girls could stand it so long without feeling the way he did. He was happy when Anna motioned him to go outside and followed not long after. Fresh air. To say, for a few seconds then it didn't take long before he and Anna lit their cigarettes.

After a few minutes he threw his cigarette end in the trash bin and stretched himself, yawning. "Shall we go back to the others?" he said, also when he not felt much like it but it was kinda rude to leave the three on their own and Anna nodded in agreement. He walked behind her into the store and walked over to the girls. "Found something nice?" he asked, one hand nonchalantly in his pocket and with the other grabbing a red dress from the rack. He shortly looked at it, then gave it to Collins with a smile around his lips. "I have not the slightest idea about dressing up, but guess you would look great in that," he gave Leyarda a wink. In her eyes he saw she was almost shocked to see him set foot into a clothing store. When he thought about it, it was not that bad. Maybe it would actually be fun.

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