first coffee

(OOC-As this game has been quiet for some time, I'm having Slawo, Collins, Prue, Leyarda and Anna back on campus)

With a yawn Anna woke up, stretching herself and throwing the sheets of her. Then she sat upright, another time yawning and she looked over to her friends who were still sleeping. She slipped out of bed, taking her a cigarette out of her purse and she lit it, walking to the window to open it. Half leaning outside, she blew some smoke into the world, smiling.

She was looking forward to the day. She threw the cigarette end down, leaning forward further to look where it would land. Laughing she closed the window again, then turned to her friends who where still sleeping. Only Slawo started to move and flutter with his eyes. "Good morning," Anna whispered in his ear and laughed when he flew upright startled. Laughing she made her way to the kitchen, to make the first coffee of that day.

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