coffee first

Slawo yawned, turning around. "You are mean, Anna. I will get you that one back," he said yawning, then sat upright, stretching. The next moment he was awake and jumped out of bed, grabbing his phone from the floor where he dropped it last. Several missed calls from Natalia. He rolled his eyes, typing a quick message to her before throwing his phone in his bag. Grabbing his clothes he made his way to the bathroom. Better to be there first before the girls would wake up and occupy the room for hours with all their things they had to do.

He took a quick shower, then dressed and walked out the bathroom. The scent of coffee already filled the air and he walked to the kitchen, jumping on the kitchen counter. "You always make the best coffee, Anna," he said with a grin when he saw how she poured a little Bailey's in her coffee. Anna stuck her tongue to him, then laughed. "You know that Slawo," she said with a wink, walking over to him and pouring some into his coffee as well, handing him his cup. Laughing he took the cup from her, leaning forward to kiss her on top of her head. Then he sat back again, taking a sip from the hot coffee. "So, what will today bring?" he asked, raising his right eyebrow slightly.

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