coffee for breakfast

Only a few minutes before the lecture would start and Anna was as usual late. Quickly she hasted up the stairs, two cups of coffee in her hand. She threw her cigarette end before the large open wooden doors. She was very skilled in running with full cups of coffee, with two steps at the same time she jumped up the stairs and walked inside the lecture hall.
She knew she had nothing to do in the hall of history, but she liked to sit next to one of her friends Leyarda. “Here hun, your’e breakfast,” she grinned than she knew Leyarda almost never did breakfast. Anna sank down in her seat and looked a bit around to the other students. She knew Leyarda would say the same thing she always did, ‘you must not be here! Before the other girl could open her mouth, she answered.
“I know, but I want,” she took a large sip of her coffee. She looked a bit around, she always liked to watch people. She gave the girl next to her a nudge and nodded over to the handsome young student. “Do you know him?” She whispered.

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