I'm sorry

Mace had never been in this position before and all sense left him. He prided himself on his 'good sense' in things but for once he was just going to go for the proverbial "it". Prue had turned red and looked away from him bashfully. He slowly and gently placed a hand on her cheek, the one farthest from him, and caressed it softly. Her turned her face back to him and without giving her a chance to react further, he kissed her.

He'd kissed a girl once in a play when he was 15. That'd been awkward. One of his best friends growing up was a girl and when they were both eight they'd kissed one night while wrestling around - even more awkward. His one and only other, ever, girlfriend and he had lasted all of three weeks, one of which in the middle she'd been gone on holiday for. They were both in high school at the time and had shared a few, brief kisses, but they'd always felt fake and forced - like they were supposed to be kissing.

This... this felt very different. All at once it felt like he'd been wrapped in a warm blanket on a cold, winter day. Like when you grab one right out of the dryer and it's so fresh and warm. At the same time, tasting the natural sweetness of her lips, it was like diving into a dark pool, not knowing or caring how deep it went and never wanting to come to the surface again.

It could have only been a millisecond, it could have been hours before he pulled himself away. Time had stopped. He leaned back with a look of utter delight and awe in what had transpired. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to.... I mean, I shouldn't be this forward... it's just... just...," and not knowing what else to say and seeing how she had slapped him or screamed, all he could think to do was kiss her again.

And they say it's impossible, but lightning struck twice in the same spot. Kissing her more this time, he moved across her cheek and toward her neck, whispering softly into her ear this time, "I'm sorry... cause now I'm not sure if I can stop..."

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