All so new

Mace had never been in this position before. It was like instinct fueled by the magic of the moment took over. He kissed her back. He kissed her harder and deeper than he had yet and the deeper he went the deeper into the depths of their shared souls at that moment he felt they were going.

Soon, he felt a warmth between them. He wasn't sure how, but he'd slipped off his shirt, or she had slipped off his shirt, he didn't know which but didn't care. He was much more laying on her know and began to unbutton her shirt, peering deep into her eyes the whole time, searching for any fear or trepidation at the act. Her shirt opened, he laid more into her so their flesh could meet and it seemed to ignite a fire within him.

He pulled her up to him so they were kneeling, facing each other on the bed and slid her shirt and bra off entirely. Laying her back down, he kissed her lips slow and softly, caressing her body with his hands. Then slowly, very slowly, he kissed back down her neck, to her chest, taking in each of her breasts delicately in his mouth and hands. He tongued them gingerly and continued down her stomach to her belly button and began to undo her pants.

He slid them off, taking her panties with them, and went back to her belly, kissing it lightly, then down to her loins, rocking her legs up and burying his face into her, searching every line and curve of her. He didn't know how he was doing this, never having done this before, but it was like instinct took over. He kept a things until his mouth felt numb from the effort.

Kissing back up her stomach, he slid his own pants off, feeling the continued warmth between them the farther up he went. He stared into her eyes. They didn't speak. They were locked onto each other. He adjusted himself, then he took her.

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