New Territory (M)

This was definitely new territory for Prue, but somehow her body seemed to know what to do. She moved along with his every touch. His lips against hers sent ripples through her. She barely noticed as his shirt came off, until she ran her hand against his bare chest. Next she knew, he was unbuttoning her shirt. She was a little nervous, but was filled with so much desire for him in this moment, that the fear quickly was numbed.

Their skin touching felt so right that she never once tried to stop him. She wanted him to keep going. As he began kissing her bare breasts, she let out a soft whisper of a moan, enjoying the sensation. Tingles went through her as he kissed lower and lower. Then, he was undoing her pants, and she moved so as to make it easy for him to pull them off. As he buried his face into her, she moaned again, a little louder this time, as she gripped the bed sheets around her.

She was craving him, and that was very noticeable. She had never even kissed a boy before this, yet her body seemed to know exactly how to move with him. Her body shivered with pleasure as he kissed back up her stomach. She watched as he took off his pants, knowing what was coming next, and wanting it more than anything in that moment. When he took her, she squeaked a little, feeling a slight pain from her innocence leaving her. Quickly, this pain turned to pleasure as he ravished her.

They moved as one and enjoyed each other's bodies until both were pleased and exhausted. Then, they laid there on the bed, out of breath and elated. Prue laid her head on Mace's chest and ran a finger along his sternum gently, her mind processing everything that had happened between them. Time had stopped for a while, for this moment felt wonderfully endless. She turned her face to meet his and kissed his cheek. Then, Prue pondered what he must be thinking at this very moment.

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