Are you... alright?

Mace was beyond shocked. He had never done anything like this or even close to it. He stared back at Prue, feeling the soft touch of her fingers on his chest, his own tracing up and down her spine. "Are... are you alright? I... didn't hurt you or anything, did I? You see, it's just, well," and he looked away from her bashfully, "I've never been with anyone before. I mean... gosh, we just, ya know... and I'm so embarrassed to talk about it or ask you about it. I had one girlfriend in high school and we never, well, we never even touched each other like, well, like... well, yours are the first I've ever actually seen let alone tasted."

A concern struck him. "I'm sorry, is that an okay thing for me to say? Its just you are so delicious, every inch of you that my lips touched was sweeter than the sweetest honey. It drove me on like drinking a hundred cups of coffee at once. And... well, then when we... well...," paused and very bashful again, "I've never even seen a naked woman, or had a woman see me naked, and then we... well, was... was it alright?"

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