Is that a 'yes'?

He was scared at first she'd slap him when she didn't say anything, or scream and he'd have to run for his life, naked...

Then she kissed him. She kissed him hard and deep. Lost in the pool of no return again.

He rolled her to her back, kissing her more. He hadn't even realized he was erect again or that they were lined up just right, but when he rolled on top of her, he entered again. Surprised, he leaned back a bit to look into her eyes. So exciting, yet now slightly familiar, he grinned broadly at her. Then he began taking her, hard and deeper than before, all things foreign no longer a concern, he found a rhythm and kept at her feeling things were different, in a good way, this time and he liked it... a lot.

Time rolled on and darkness settled around the world and once again they were wrapped up in each other, sweaty and exhausted.

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