late again

Slawo woke up after he heard Leyarda's little surprised cry. Sleepily he looked over to the girls and smiled. Yawning he took one of the cups from Collins and took a sip.
"It is better than the coffee from the grand cafe at the campus," he said with a smile.

Irritated he snapped his mobile from the floor after several calls, checking the screen. Natalia, one of his Polish friends. He had totally forgotten again about the meeting with his fellow students. When she kept calling him, he finally accepted the video call, annoyed. Immediately she started to talk into Polisha and he slid his hand though his hair answering her in his language, feeling uncomfortable talking in it when his friends were in the same room. "Nadchodz─Ö," he said and ended the call.

Hastily he jumped from the couch, grabbing his clothes from the floor and pulling his sweater over his head. "I have to go, see you later girls," he quickly putted his laptop into his bag and threw it over his shoulder, giving the girls a quick kiss on top of their heads. "Thank you for the coffee Collins," he gave her a wink and rushed outside, tossing his car keys high into the air while running.

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