Leyarda stretched her neck a bit, to see who was calling Slawo. The girl who called him was beautiful. Blond hair, red lips and perfect make-up. She didn't know who she was to Slawo but she already hated the girl.

Maybe she once was in love with the Polish guy, but it was a long time ago. He was attractive, sure he was and she had felt a slight jealousy when Anna told her she once had made love to him when being drunk. In time she started to see him as her big brother, but she still didn't like to see any other girls near him she didn't know. Just as he protected her against annoying guys, she protected him for all girls she didn't know.

She set aside her empty cup of coffee and turned to Collins. "Do you have a boyfriend?" she asked while climbing out of the bed and skipping to the closet to take a brush. Quickly she brushed her hair, then shook her head so her hair fell in loose waves around her face.

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