walk to class

Leyarda smiled and took Slawo's keys from the kitchen counter and tossed them over to Anna. As always it took ages before her friend was awake and dressed and all, ready to go to class. "It is a short distance to the university, so we can walk it," she said happily.

"Let's go," she said when Anna finally was ready to go. She headed outside and in the elevator she looked one more time at her hair. She always cared a lot about her appearance, much more than Anna and Slawo. "I really need to buy some new cloths," she said with a sigh while looking at her own reflection in the mirror. "Anybody has time to accompany me? I have some hours free between my lessons," she hopefully looked at the two girls. She knew Anna didn't like to shop, she mostly shopped once in a month and Slawo hated it anyway. He never shopped but ordered all his clothes online. Her friends both always made fun of her when she had to buy new clothes.

When they were outside she laughed when she felt the sun shining on her body.
"My faculty is closer to yours than Anna's," she said with a laugh to Collins.

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