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Summary: A cute bad boy with Skills that Killz

Gummy Jaxx

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Gender: Male

Age: Looks young, but 25

Group: Heroes

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Kandy Kart Saga


Race Kart Driver


Gummy Jaxx: Amazing driving skills

Gummy Jaxx drives the blue Gummy Shark Kart which can do the following:

Subterranean Mode: The Gummy Shark Kart can tunnel underground to avoid traps on the road and weapons.

Underwater Mode: The Gummy Shark Kart can tunnel underwater to avoid traps on the road and weapons.

Gummy Slick: Can squirt out a sticky goo from behind the Gummy Shark Kart.

Gummy Shark Frenzy: Jaxx's Gummy Shark Kart can bite the tires off the other Karts when close enough.

Physical Appearance

He is short and wears blue with fins on his body, blue hair, blue eyes and a cute appearance.

Personality and Interests

Jaxx is a tough but cute character who is popular in the game. He loves to drive and swim and catch some rays. He talks like a surfer and is not to smart compared to others which adds to his cuteness.


Kandy Kart Saga is a racing game made for the under 21 group and was very popular for a long time since it can be played by all ages. It has a diverse group of racers for various personalities.

Gummy Jaxx has been in the top 10 popular characters since the beginning and Kart Champion countless times.

Favourite Sayings

Harsh Bro!
You're harshing my mellow.
Not cool Bro!

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Image of Gummy Jaxx
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