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Summary: Eve is a Nine Tailed Fox Spirit that loves cute things


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Gender: Female

Age: 21

Group: Heroes

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Epic Legends


Eve is a Nine Tailed Fox Spirit in the combat game called Epic Legends.


Fox Fire: She can throw blue fireballs at her enemies.

Hand to Hand Combat: She is skilled in Martial Arts.

Transform: She can turn into a large white fox with nine tails covered in blue fire for extra combat. This is usually a finishing move.

Physical Appearance

Eve is a sexy Nine Tailed Fox Spirit with revealing clothing. She is very popular with nerds and is in the top 10 most played character in her game. She had long dark hair, dark fox ears, yellow fox eyes and 9 white fox tails.

Personality and Interests

Eve is a naughty and cunning fighter. She uses her charms to win and maintain her popularity. Unknown to most she has a weakness to cute things.


Eve is a Nine Tailed Fox Spirit in the combat game called Epic Legends, which is now in its 12th remake version. Luckily she was popular enough to stay popular make it to each new version.

Favourite Sayings

Sweet Dreams Boys.
Nighty Night Boys.
Would you like to know what this Fox says?

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