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Summary: A villian who just wants a friend

Sa-Tien (NPC)

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Gender: Male

Age: 1000

Group: Villains

Game Home

Dungeons and Monsters


Demon Lord of Dungeons and Monsters


Enhanced strength
Dark Magic
Enhancing Magic
Brimestone Fire Magic
Evil Demon Sword

Physical Appearance

A ten foot tall red scary demon

Personality and Interests

In the game he is all cruelty and heartless, but after hours he is like that weird uncle no one wants to hang out with. He wants to fit in but doesn't know how due to bad programming.


Demon Lord of Dungeons and Monsters has been around since it was a board game for nerds and gets an upgrade every so often. The object is to make a strong party of Adventurers and conquer the dungeon by defeating all the monsters including the main boss Sa-Tien.

Sa-Tien has long since been the joke of many mean jokes and adds to his social awkwardness.

Favourite Sayings

Its pronounced Sa-Tien.
Do we really have to?

Favourite food

Souls of the defeated.

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Image of Sa-Tien (NPC)
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