Welcome to Gamers Unite!

You are a game character from any various game in the past or present. Life has been continuous loop of repetition for as long as you can remember. To make it more complicated the addition of the Internet only added to number of games to compete with. Some games died off and some were brought back and labeled as "retro". Out of a longing to find a deeper meaning to life some game characters began exploring the vast internet for more to do and for a good while this new world gave them a beacon of hope from the boredom of their jobs. Sadly not all good things last forever and the world now faces the threat of cyber crime and viruses from unknown criminals. To keep the peace and restore the balance many game characters have took up the march and fight the Viruses, Worms and Malevolent Software that invades their world. Will it get better or worse? Will some characters game jump? Will some find adventure and romance? Only time will tell.

Create a video game character and either help the heroes fight the Malevolent Software or join the villain's and take advantage of the situation.

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