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Summary: I'd rather break into Fort Knox than have a conversation with you.

Hunter Knight

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Group: Students



Best Skill (Please choose one)

Hunter is extremely good with getting into a building undetected. He has the unique ability to bypass any security measures that is set up, acquire his target, and escape undetected (for the most part).

Physical Appearance

Hunter is 5' 11" and weighs roughly 170 lbs. Hunter typically has a sour look on his face if it shown on the other side of the book he is currently reading. He wears mostly black to match his hair and he has dark grey eyes.

Personality and interests

Hunter isn't one to have a long conversation with. He will typically only give you a few words to your question and won't ask you a question back. He doesn't talk to anyone, including his brother. Although, it seems like his brother is the only one he will have a full-fledged conversation with.


Hunter and his twin brother both came just after finishing the 6th grade and turning 13. They were told by their parents that they would be honing their spy skills so they could enter the same profession as them. Hunter has always been as reserved as he is nowadays but it seems that also that his brother is the only one who can convince him to do anything besides school and reading.

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