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Summary: Come with me and I will fulfill your fantasies.

Hugo Knight

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Group: Students



Best Skill (Please choose one)

Hugo has a way with tongues. Hugo has a way of getting anyone to do almost anything with just his voice. He has practice the art of persuasion since he can remember. Although he has trouble with those who are "immune" to persuasion and instead answer to intimidation.

Physical Appearance

Hugo is 5' 11" and weighs roughly 160 lbs. He has white hair and soft amber eyes that contradicts his brother Hunter. He typically wears white and soft pastels when he feels like wearing a little color.

Personality and interests

Hugo is always finding someway to get out of the work that he has to do. He will use his silver tongue to get people to do his bidding and he somehow has time to do nothing. He hates Strength and Conditioning with the Sarge but finds English and History with the Professora the only time he actually pays attention.


Hugo and his twin brother both came just after finishing the 6th grade and turning 13. They were told by their parents that they would be honing their spy skills so they could enter the same profession as them. Hugo has been just as outgoing as he is nowadays and always seems up to no good.

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