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Summary: If you see him, it's already too late.

Talon Nightfall

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Gender: Male

Age: 32

Group: Monsters

Specific subcategory of their group

Wereowl (turns into a slightly larger than normal barn owl)


Assassin, excels in silent and unseen moving and interrogation. Able to turn into a large barn owl with enhanced strength at will.


Assassin. He has no formal title within the Illuminati, only known as "Talon Nightfall"

Physical Appearance

Large, black unblinking eyes set sunken in a rounded face. He has pale skin and a small, straight nose. His mouth is small but full. His shaggy, shoulder length white and grey hair occasionally falls in front of his eyes, though only in strands that don't inhibit his sight. Slender and built like a runner with a heavily muscled back and shoulders. Stands at 6' 2" tall.
In owl form he is a pale white barn owl. He has a somewhat bleached appearance to him, his feathers white or grey instead of brown. His eyes appear extra sunken, as the area around them turns a darker shade of grey.

Personality and interests

Quiet, very perceptive. Cold, calculating, very intelligent. Values efficiency and precision. He rarely grows to hate someone, or even get angry at them, instead forming a cold contempt or a simple dislike of them. He rarely forms attachments, but the few he does form are nearly unbreakable. If someone were to hurt one of the people close to him, he would make sure their death was slow and painful.
Many people enjoy the feeling of their victims life draining out of their bodies. Talon is different, instead finding satisfaction in the actual work, not in the result. In most cases he sees that what he does is what has to be done, rarely feeling remorse for breaking or even killing the person in the process.


He silences anything that could tell anyone this. So out of fear for my own safety, I will not divulge.

In all seriousness, he does have a fairly normal family including two parents and a little sister (who he is very protective of).
Part of why he's so slow to form attachments is a combination of wereowl culture (that being loyalty to one's partner and mating with them for life) and his past. He once had a girlfriend, one that he was very serious with. When he found out she was cheating on him, however, he ended the relationship immediately and severed all ties with that person. Luckily no one died in the break-up. Ever since then he's been the cold and calculating killer he is now.

Weapons/Artifacts/Magical Items

Compound bow, two long, single edged curved knives, four throwing knives, one heavy utility knife.

Supernatural Organization Affiliated with (if there is one)

Assassin for the Illuminati

Relationships with Other Characters

Technically a coworker of Elias Hawkins

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