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Summary: "I don't have a sword. 'Messer' is German for knife. Therefore, it is a knife."

Malcolm Hearne

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Gender: Male

Age: 42

Group: Humans

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Practices the fighting style capoaera. Excels at knife fighting and throwing. Very skilled in hand to hand and close quarters combat.


Senior Huntsman. He spends more of his time training and teaching others than fighting monsters.

Physical Appearance

He has humorous hazel eyes in deep sockets. Average height. Slender build but heavily muscled due to his finding style. Medium length somewhat messy brown hair. It's rare to see him without a smile on his face, almost as if he's laughing at his own private joke. The corners of his mouth are turned up in a perpetual smile. Wears loose fitting plain clothes for the most part, and can always be seen wearing a belt with at least three different knives. Wears thin soled shoes for more mobility. When in combat he wears a bandoleer holding several more knives, leather braces and a pair of forearm sheaths, and a one handed Messer sword in a back scabbard.

Personality and interests

Very flippant and joking. Never seems to be very serious or take offense to things. He will jokingly act offended if you reference his Messer as a sword or if you say something about his age.



Weapons/Artifacts/Magical Items

Two curved slashing knives, one heavy chopping knife, two double edged daggers, one heavy utility knife (serated back edge), nine throwing knives, two small hidden blades, and a one handed Messer

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Relationships with Other Characters

Uncle of Auryon Hearne

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