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Summary: "It's really more of a hand canon."

Elias Hawkins

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Gender: Male

Age: 26

Group: Humans

Specific subcategory of their group

Witch-specializes in Firecraft


Currently works as a spy for the Rosicrucians, extremely good with unseen movement, patron god: Brigid, uses this to enhance his combat capabilities and tactical thinking, along with the occasional use of flames in combat, great at hand to hand combat and with blades


Publicly- Assassin for the Illuminati
Secretly- Agent for the Rosicrucians

Physical Appearance

Medium length black hair, humorous warm brown eyes, tan-ish skin. Slender build, around 5' 11"

Personality and interests

Jokes around a lot, doesn't take some things seriously. Extremely social and talkative among his friends, and usually very cheerful. This, however, isn't entirely true. If you pay attention, however, he is very paranoid. He is always afraid he will be found out as an agent for the Rosicrucians, and at times it shows.


Scandinavian in dissent. His mother, Astrid, was born with empathy and telepathy, so was never entirely stable to begin with. Prior to Levi's birth though, she had somewhat of a handle on it and was able to appear mostly normal. Shortly before this, her powers began mirroring those around her due to the death of her mother— in a way losing a part of herself as she did. This problem was exacerbated when Levi was born. Even though Levi was quiet for an infant, he was still an infant. When Levi was almost three years old, their father left them because of how unstable their mother had become.
For a while Elias was the one taking care of them. They had enough money to sustain them, Astrid’s ex-husband had been sure of that, but Astrid wasn’t in a position that she was able to go out and take care of business, leaving it to the nine year old Elias to take care of them. For a time it was him alone that took care of his mother and much younger brother.
Not much longer after she was approached by a doctor, Paul, who wanted to take care of them. Some may be suspicious about a doctor suddenly wanting to take care of two young children and their unstable mother. In Paul’s case, however, he just wanted to make sure they had a decent life. A year or two later he married Astrid and became the Hawkins’s legal guardian and Astrid’s official caretaker. When Elias was sixteen he was approached by someone within the Illuminati, who saw his potential, and was convinced to join them. He was unaware at the time of the Illuminati’s true purpose.
On Elias’s eighteenth birthday, Paul took him aside and told him that the only way Levi would have a good life would be for Elias to move out… and take Levi with him. Despite Paul’s best efforts, Astrid had only worsened. Elias eventually agreed and left with Levi. They moved to the city of Monarch, Montana, where they lived out the rest of their life until this point.
Eventually he was forced to face the reality of what he was doing, and eventually made contact with the Rosicrucians.

Weapons/Artifacts/Magical Items

Light, one handed sword similar to the Chinese Dao, a dagger sheathed in his right boot (or in a ankle sheath if not wearing boots), custom .45 caliber pistol strapped to right upper thigh, four small throwing knives in hidden sheaths

Supernatural Organization Affiliated with (if there is one)

Publicly- Illuminati
Secretly- Rosicrucians

Relationships with Other Characters

Publicly- Illuminati
Secretly- Rosicrucians

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