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Summary: "If you choose to stand in his way, you choose to burn."


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Gender: Female

Age: Um...

Group: Fae

Specific subcategory of their group

Red Court Fae


Champion/occasional executioner.
She is incredibly skilled in swordplay. Her sword is enchanted to feel as light as a feather in her grip, but still deliver it's normal force upon a target. This allows her to flick the blade around in dizzying paterns to confuse or disorient her opponents, or to cut their defense (and often their body behind it) to ribbons in a matter of seconds. Due to centuries of honing this skill, she is also incredibly precise with her attacks.
Standard Red Court fire magic.


Champion of Lord Myrddin of the Red Court.
"Lady Rhiannon" or "Draig's Champion", depending on the occasion.

Physical Appearance

Straight black hair that extends a little past her shoulders. She has gold/tan skin, and fiery red eyes.
Rhiannon is rather imposing at 6' 4". She has a rather slender build, but nearly every inch of it is covered in hardened muscle. She can often be seen wearing bronze plate armor and a rich crimson cloak. On her left side is a long black and gold scabbard that holds her sword, and on her left is a shorter one that holds a long sword catcher knife. A sheet of strait obsidian hair falls just below her shoulders, though she often will braid it to keep it out of her face during battle. She has intense fiery red eyes set below a moderately heavy brow and a pair of thick eyebrows that seem to be perpetually drawn together in a frown.

Personality and interests

Very reserved in her emotions and thoughts, and will only make jokes (what few there are) if she's in a very good mood. Rather blunt at times, and can be described as very unsubtle. Will be polite and respectful to people initially but very reserved. If someone were to offend her somehow she would likely hold that against them. If you get on her bad side you will no doubt stay there until you prove yourself to her. At the same time, she will regard those she likes with great respect and will do anything she can to protect them. She's a skilled warrior, and this translates to her personality in an almost combative personality, as well as a tendency to look for threats even if there are none. This can be seen as paranoia, but she would face any threat she did find unflinchingly.
Negative emotions typically turn into a variation of anger. Sadness will turn to a bitter dislike, shock will turn to a rather strong frustration, etc.
Positive emotions for her often manifest as a calm. On a good day she seems neutral and unemotional, though this will often hide a very strong happiness or contentment.

Weapons/Artifacts/Magical Items

Wields a long, double edged sword with a small crossguard. In her hands the sword feels unnaturally light, but will retain it's devastating force upon impact. In addition she wields a much shorter blade with a wide crossguard for defense.
She usually wears a form of plate armor. Her forearms are especially reinforced, as often she will deflect blows off of them.

Supernatural Organization Affiliated with (if there is one)

Red Court

Relationships with Other Characters

Wife and Champion of Myrddin

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