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Gender: Male

Age: Don't know

Group: Fae

Specific subcategory of their group

Red Court Fae


Lord of the Red Court.
Skilled in swordplay and close quarters combat. Very skilled in politics and in tactics.
He has the standard fire magic of the Red Court, but as Lord of it he also has the ability to turn into a Draig.


Lord Myrddin

Physical Appearance

Flaming red shoulder length hair and gold skin. Warm orange eyes.

Weapons/Artifacts/Magical Items

He wields a basket hilted Scottish broadsword and a targe shield. A dagger is also tucked into his belt. He wears plate mail armor with reinforced pauldrons and a reinforced bracer on his right arm.

Supernatural Organization Affiliated with (if there is one)

Red Court

Relationships with Other Characters

Husband of Rhiannon

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