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Summary: A wizard willing to ignore laws if it means doing good


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Gender: Male

Age: 64

Group: The Quest Party






Chaotic Neutral


-Can harness magic and many of its spells
-Especially adept in bending his form, making himself gaseous, extremely solid, etc. Takes up a lot of concentration and focus, of course.


-Magical necklace: Can detect when evil magic is near or is being used
-Wizard's staff: Helps to control and focus his power
-Enchanted Knife: When an enemy is stabbed, it causes them to slowly crumble away into dust. It's not a large knife however, and it must be a deep enough cut.

Personality and Interests

He's someone who, from a young age, has always been in love with magic and its many uses. Therefore, he wants to use his magic in such a way that he would be proud: using it for good over evil. He also believes that he may abandon certain laws or rules if it means helping and saving lives.


As stated, he was always in love with the mythos surrounding magic and wizards. Against his parents' best judgement, he went to a magical academy to study magic and become a wizard. Though incredibly hard to master and control, he became a successful wizard, and he made many allies and enemies along his path.

He became a magical investigator within his region, which meant he would investigate mysterious magical occurrences. After discovering an evil force within a major city, laws restricted him from acting immediately. Though he tried to convince many other magicians to act quickly, they simply couldn't and had to go through an arduous process. The evil force was unleashed and the city was heavily damaged in the fight that ensued.

After this, and after losing many friends in the fight to contain this evil force, Cyrus became extremely disillusioned with the idea of what magic was and what wizards could do. He abandoned the academy and became a wandering wizard, a relic of a great and wonderous craft. Alone and without conviction to abide by laws at the expense of doing good, he became a wizard-for-hire. He would go on grand quest and missions to do what magic users couldn't: act quickly and without cessation.

Physical Appearance

He has an old, threadbare cloak
Long, gray-black hair
Dark eyes
Around 5'8
Has some medium-strength armor beneath his cloak
Has a pack filled with relics from the past

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Image of Cyrus
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