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Summary: I'm half your size but twice the man!


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Gender: Male

Age: 28

Group: The Quest Party








Great weaponsmith
Skilled at throwing knives and fighting with knives
Uses a crossbow fairly well


Lots of small knives, for throwing
Four larger knives for fighting
Crossbow and assorted bolts
Tools for building/repairing weapons

Personality and Interests

A friendly guy who plays by his own rules preferring to supply those subjugated with the means to free themselves, at a price of course.


Having grown up in a far away city, smithy to a crime lord he supplied the weapons to a small faction of rebels who freed the city and ended the corruption in it. They didn't seem to need him any more after that, so he's moved on.

Physical Appearance

Tall and slender for a gnome, there were always rumors of some elvish in his line.

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Image of Nirick
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