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Summary: Snarky street urchin


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Gender: Female

Age: 15

Group: The Quest Party






True neutral


Tria ist unschooled in the use of magic, and calls her magic luck. Whether it cooperates with her makes it either good or bad luck.

She's managed several things with her "luck," but can only do two things consistently: harden air into a soft barrier, and create light or shadow.


The only things of note that Tria owns is a small dagger kept in her boot and a thin, silver bracelet that Tria wears on her upper arm, where it's hidden. She's had the bracelet for as long as she can remember, and she fantasizes that it came from her parents. All she knows about the bracelet is that it grows warm when she runs, and she's always been able to outrun people.

Personality and Interests

Tria is stubborn, a bit reckless, and always hungry. She's a quick thinker, but gives heavy consideration to her gut feelings. Enjoys pulling off small-time cons with her fellow street urchins.


Tria grew up on the streets, traveling from town to town via overcrowded caravans as she saw fit. Though she's spent time with groups of street urchins, she usually leaves when her magic gets away from her, or when "the Dame," as Tria calls her, finds her again.

Physical Appearance

Thin and a bit grubby, as one might expect from a street urchin. She keeps her dark blonde hair in twin braids that reach midway down her back, and has deeply tanned skin from her time in the sun. With her worn patched up trousers and shirt, she can be mistaken as a young boy when she tucks her braids under a cap.

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